Why Slacking Off During Summer is a Bad Idea

Why Slacking Off During Summer is a Bad Idea

Don’t hate me for saying it: summer is not the time to slack off. Quite the contrary. Summer might be the very best time to get out there, make appointments, sell harder, and earn some business!

You may be wondering why, and it’s pretty simple and straightforward. Are your direct competitors sipping piña coladas on a beach? Are they taking summer Fridays? It’s likely some of your competition is kicking back and letting the lazy summer days sap their drive and sabotage their momentum.

While your competitors are taking it easy this summer, it makes good business sense for you to do just the opposite and seize the moment by winning short-term business (their loss!) and planting the seeds for fabulous third and fourth quarters (your win!). Even if your clients have turned on the email autoreply as well, you can still use the time in productive and meaningful endeavors.

Here are (3) three things you should do this summer while you’re not slacking off:

Connect With The Clients And Prospects That You Never Converted

The busier we are, the more we tend to focus on our largest, most important clients. Busy is good, of course, but not at the expense of smaller, marginal accounts. Don’t let yourself “fall off the radar” during the summer by letting dormant accounts stay dormant. Now is a good time to reconnect with clients and prospects that you were never able to convert. You should reach out and avail yourself of additional and new opportunities from those who never said yes. You never know if their preferred business resource is out of the office for an extended summer holiday. Offer short- or long-term work — leaning towards the latter — so you don’t fall out of sight and out of mind!

Conduct Employee Skills Training

It’s very difficult to schedule training when employees are busy. The slower summer months provide a good opportunity to offer skills-based training such as refresher and reinforcement exercises. You can also take the summer to cross-train staff who seek to grow within the company. It is unlikely they will develop skills required of more senior positions while doing their “regular” job during the other months of the year. Training offers multiple important benefits:

  • It is a great motivator and helps to make employees feel valued and important
  • The quality of work executed by your employees will improve
  • Customer satisfaction will grow
  • Cross-trained staff offers peace-of-mind and confidence that work will be completed in the case of absenteeism or loss of employees

Coordinate Business Brainstorming And Strategy Sessions

It can be very challenging to think creatively and brainstorm new business ideas when everyone is up to their elbows executing their work. Take the summer to do a “deep dive” into your business to discover how you can take it to the next level. Assess your products and services and look at new and untapped markets for both, consider your marketing and determine if and how it can be tweaked, and evaluate your human resources to make certain that you are staffed appropriately especially in light of new initiatives. As much as possible involve your staff in these brainstorming sessions; you may find out there are excellent and innovative ideas ready to be applied!

Staying productive during the summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the season. Just don’t forget that September will sneak up on you. You’ll be in a better place come Q4 if you don’t slack off (too much) during the summer.


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By admin June 19, 2018