Case Studies

GSE Dynamics

Type of Company: Military manufacturing companytest-gse

Issue: Risk was focused on company know-how, now that first generation employees are gone.

Solution: Procedural manuals that outlines specific duties; a resource to train new employees.

Benefit:Employees who felt respected for the job they do while sharing the skills in the most useful manner.

Merritt Environmental Consulting Corp.

Type of Company: Environmental Consultantsmerritt-environmental-consulting-corp-logo

Situation: In 2011 a Business Coach recommended having a Standard Operations Manual created by Unique Business Solutions. We had nothing in writing and knew if we wanted to grow, this was something that would help our company. Over the past 3 years the CEO has reached out regularly to get help in various Consulting areas.

Objective: As a Company we had a 5 year growth plan that demanded we look at our processes and staff. As we grew, we needed to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our staff; could we move them to other areas where they could be more effective; how would we hire additional staff to become a productive team member immediately.

Action: In 2011 Unique worked with the staff, developing relationships and learning about their duties. Working with them, we were able to document all tasks. Some needed to be streamlined and the staff was enthusiastic that we took their suggestions as well. Once the manual was complete, we suggested they hire another staff member and promote a staff member giving them a growth path. That worked out very well for both employees and the company. Most recently Unique helped create a new company structure, promoting individuals and hiring additional staff to support the growth currently.

Results: Throughout the process, the CEO gained valuable insight of the strengths and weaknesses of his organization. Unique has gotten to know the staff and guides the CFO on the hidden talents within. Equally as important the staff trusts Gail’s insight. I consider Gail a valuable asset for growing my business and increasing revenue.

Seviroli Foods

Type of Company: Food Manufacturerservioli-foods-logo

Situation: The Company needed to automate the warehouse; Shipping and Receiving area not efficient; Key personnel in wrong positions;

Objective: Had a number of issues to tackle.

  1. Had no written procedures in place for Purchasing, Production Planning, Shipping, Receiving and Production Staging
  2. Review and restructure the Shipping and Receiving area
  3. Review Key personnel positions with management; suggestions and guidance

Action: Working with individuals, we developed relationships while learning about their daily functions, their concerns and new ideas for the future of their departments. Worked with the staff to audit and streamline processes that involved multiple departments’ cooperation. Worked with the Company Executives to form an Executive Committee and helped to restructure the Organization Chart.

Results: As a result of the reviews, restructuring and process improvements we created a manual for each departments’ process including workflows and step by step details. This document was used to train new personnel as the company expanded. Additional major accomplishments included:

  • Successful coaching of the Comptroller to CFO Position
  • Upgrading the Human Resource Department – assisted in search for HR Director
  • Aided in evaluation of key personnel in Production, Sales, Human Resources
  • Aided in the implementation of an Executive Management Committee