Case Studies

Sunrise Medical Labs

Type of Company: Medical Laboratory Companysunrise

Situation: Met the CEO at a Seminar I gave; discussed briefly the challenges at his organization; we were invited in to meet with him and the Director of Human Resources

Objective: Start with a Pilot Program for (1) one small process; this was a position with no backup and a level of difficulty that if not performed correctly would impact the Bottom Line.

Action: Spend time with the employee, understand the tasks, gather the information and work through real-time examples. Document this unique process step by step so a person who knows nothing about the task could read and follow quickly.

Results: Produced and delivered the first project to the CEO. Within (1) one month after delivery, the employee had to go out on FMLA. She would be gone for (3) three weeks. She trained someone from another department and this employee kept the clients happy and all tasks working as she would have. Unique Business Solutions has done (6) six major projects for this client.

Opinion Access Corp.

Type of Company: Marketing researchopinion-access-logo-220x140-150x140

Issue: Many policies and procedures necessary to govern the challenges faced by a relatively large hourly work staff.

Solution/Benefit: Documentation. Training manual that assured a level of protection that a company our size can seldom afford to enjoy.

Knockout Pest Control

Type of Company: Pest Controltest-tko

Issue: Executive ran all aspects of company himself. Large expense training new hires.

Solution/Benefit: Training manual that allows new staff to have a greater sense of self confidence in learning their new duties and becoming contributors to our success much faster. Executive who can sell the services, rather than run the back office.