Case Studies

County of Westchester

Type of Company: Governmentwestchesterdotgov

Situation:  Payroll performs tasks bi-weekly for 6,000 people, multiple unions, various entities – only (5) five staff including a manager with 26 years in the position.

Objective: Capture the Process and all tasks performed by the Payroll Team; consistency and accuracy important

Action: Work closely with each team member to audit and capture the individual processes; gather the workflow or each process and create a step-by-step process document that is easy to follow.

Results: Produced documentation accurately captured the method and effectively allowed employees from different divisions and different locations to standardize the process.

Wolf Gordon

Type of Company: Designwolf-Gordon

Issue: Procedure manuals that were inefficient or non-existent.

Solution/Benefit: A tool to cut our training time and effort in half.

White Coffee Corp.

Type of Company: Food Manufacturerwhite-coffee-corp-150x150

Issue: Needed to document customer service and credit checking processes

Solution/Benefit: Documentation project; suggestions for better business practices after examining current procedures.