Who Are Your Business Resources and How Have They Helped Your Company’s Growth?

Who Are Your Business Resources and How Have They Helped Your Company’s Growth?

When it comes to growing a business, No (Wo)Man is an Island. As business owners know, it is extremely difficult to do everything on your own. In most cases there simply isn’t enough time in a day. In every case, though, there are different skills required for marketing, sales, operations, and even human resources. How can one person do them all?

Astute business owners:

  • Surround themselves with trusted resources on whom they rely for deep experience in their areas of expertise.
  • Understand that they cannot become experts in every area of their business and instead focus on their own area of specialization as well as leading and growing their company.
  • Are not content on letting anything fall through the cracks simply because of their lack of knowledge.
  • Know that subject matter expertise in one area does not mean that it covers all other areas.

So who are your business resources? Here are (5) five resources (aka advisors) that can help accelerate your company’s growth. Your company may have some of these resources in-house; if not, you may wish to utilize the services of an outsourced provider in the following areas:

Accounting and Finance

As a business owner you know that there is much more to your business finances than simply paying bills. Cash flow, financing, budgeting, thorough record keeping, internal controls and investments are all critical to company growth and financial security and requires individuals with expertise in these areas.

Marketing and Sales

Many business owners that launch and lead a company have specific subject matter expertise, but little background in bringing their product or service to market and generating sales. Developing brand messaging, determining target markets and how best to reach them, and closing business are critical to your long-term success.

Human Resources

Once you have the desire to grow your company and start to hire employees, a human resources expert can be beneficial . Issues surrounding compliance, recruitment and hiring, employee termination and compensation are time consuming and can soon become overwhelming. Even if your company is not sizeable enough to employ a full-time HR professional, using an outsourced expert can ultimately save you time, money and potential headaches in the future.


Computers keep our businesses going and most business owners do not have the skills and/or the time required to set-up and maintain their technology infrastructure. Utilizing an outside IT resource is the way to go until such time as you have the need to establish an in-house department to manage your technology. Remember to get references for the IT resource; not every resource will be right for your type of company.

Additional Resources

Of course, there are other areas in which you might need additional resources to help you achieve greater business success. Depending upon your business, utilizing the services of business resources in production, operations or research and development might prove beneficial.

As a business owner you should always remember that there are resources with exceptional credentials that can help you grow your business faster and with less risk. Let me know if you would like any referrals. As you know, after so many years in business, I have quite the “rolodex”! It is my pleasure to help companies grow with the right resources.

For further discussion or comments, please contact Gail L. Trugman Nikol, President Unique Business Solutions, gail@ubsassociates.com or call (516) 935-5641.

By admin March 19, 2019