When Do You Outsource

When Do You Outsource

It’s a New Year and many Business Owners have plans to start afresh with new ideas and renewed energy and motivation to create greater business success in the year that lies ahead.

Some Business Owners will develop an action plan and take the steps necessary to execute any necessary change. For others, their vision may not translate into a reality because they will do things in exactly the same manner as they have done in the past and doing things the same way, yet expecting a different outcome, pretty much guarantees that the desired change will not occur.

If you haven’t read it, you might find it interesting: “Who Moved My Cheese” By Spencer Johnson https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/291680/who-moved-my-cheese-by-spencer-johnson/

Change is difficult and sometimes outsourcing can be the very best option in order to successfully execute the new initiatives. This can be difficult too because “outsourcing” itself may be a radical change for a Business Owner.

Some examples of when internal employees might not be in place or well-suited for the tasks include:

  • An outside marketing resource may be necessary to develop new sales and marketing materials with a different perspective 
  • An outsourced CFO may be essential to provide additional direction and expertise in areas where existing staff lack experience
  • An outsourced professional to audit your processes and change inefficiencies to a streamlined process
  • A team of professional telephone lead generators can do telephone prospecting to more quickly fill the sales funnel

And of course there are other examples. Remember that it can be “difficult to see the picture when you are in the frame.” An outsourced resource is often what you need to make change!

There are three major benefits why Business Owners should consider outsourcing for their companies, including:


  • Save money on fulltime, salaried employees in segments of the business that might not require such staff. Mid and high-level employees with considerable experience are costly; factor in benefits and you have a very expensive solution for a specific initiative or departments that might not require a fulltime resource.
  • Save time and money associated with recruiting and hiring, onboarding and training. The ramp-up time for outsourced resources is usually much shorter; often they have experience in your industry.
  • Have the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing your specific needs will be executed almost immediately.


Once again, it’s a New Year. Before too much more time elapses, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have new initiatives that I want to accomplish in the upcoming year?
  • Do I have the existing staff to accomplish these initiatives?
  • Will the existing employees be able to take on any additional work and still be able to complete their ongoing responsibilities??
  • Is the existing staff trained to do the new work or will training be required?
  • Do I have to hire new employees to execute these new endeavors?
  • Are the new initiatives ongoing and require full-time, permanent staff?


The answers to these questions, coupled with some financial projections on the costs associated with outsourcing versus hiring and onboarding new employees to handle the multiple projects that you want to accomplish, should provide you with a clear picture of your best course of action.


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By admin January 21, 2020