Why the Buddy System of Training Might Not Work

Why the Buddy System of Training Might Not Work

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You’ve hired a new employee, want to get them up and running in a short period of time. The issue is there is no one in your office that spearheads a “structured” On Boarding Training Process. As their start date approaches, you decide to recruit one of your existing employees to do all of the training for your new hire; how difficult can training be?

Now at first glance this method of training might seem to be practical, cost effective and time efficient but is it really? I’m not so sure!

Here are some of the unforeseen results of using the buddy system of training:

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

Maybe true but you want to teach a new hire the way that YOU want things done in the company. When a long-time employee conducts the training you might find that your new hire is being trained with unsanctioned “shortcuts” that have been adopted by this long-time employee and the bad habits are being taught as well. How will that affect your systems and procedures?

All employees have a certain amount of “negative baggage”

There is nothing like intimate one-to-one training time that enables the trainer to communicate their thoughts and feelings to the new hire. Gossip and other tales of office dissent should not be part of the new hire training program! Unfortunately it often is.

Taking an employee away from their job to conduct training

Other employees will have to step in and do the “trainer’s” job; that is assuming the employees have been cross-trained. If they haven’t been cross-trained there will be some potential hiccups in the workflow. Are you prepared for that and how much will that cost you!?

Not everyone is a good trainer

If the employee that you have assigned to do the new hire training does not have the requisite training skills or cannot easily communicate the ideas need for training, the result will be a new hire that doesn’t have the necessary skill set and understanding to execute their job correctly. Long term, their poor performance might even result in termination that is caused, in part, by their inadequate initial training.

So let me ask you, how does the buddy system of training appear to you now? Not so good, right?

Let me make a suggestion. Look at your On Boarding and training processes very carefully. Create an outlined document of what must be communicated during the training process and make certain that the “right” people are doing the training for the company. The employee you choose must be skilled at training, a skilled communicator, knowledgeable about the job and tasks that they are training, as well as devoid of bad habits and attitude. You shouldn’t settle for anything less!

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By admin January 15, 2015