Three Tips For Stress Management

Three Tips For Stress Management

Too many people in my life have said they’re experiencing elevated stress levels. Many of them have said they’re unable to relax, both at home and work. And even I admit there are times I’ve felt that way too; OK maybe more than a few times!

Rising stress and constant anxiety is an unhealthy, compromising way to live one’s life, to say the least. (In today’s world, I would say that stress reduction is a universal need!)

However, not everyone can flip a switch and turn off their stress. It takes effort to mitigate and minimize life’s stressors. Here are (3) three tips that can help you to better manage your stress:

  • Be Thankful

Negative events and disappointments in all facets of your life can seemingly build up over time. However, even in the most anxious moments there are things for which you can be thankful, and the key is to be aware of them. Do you have people that care about you and “have your back”? How about the “essentials” in your life, such as food and a roof over your head? Are you blessed with all of your senses and extremities, which others may have been denied in life? In my life, I have a wonderful husband and (5) five, yes (5) five wonderful cats; all who help me calm down. We have many things for which we can be thankful if we just take a moment to reflect on what is good in our lives.

  • Incorporate Exercise into Your Day

Exercise is a proven stress reliever. It’s easier than ever to be able to incorporate exercise into your daily activities. Gyms and workout spaces have longer hours, and some are even open 24/7 (although I wouldn’t recommend working out at midnight). If you find it impossible to get to the gym you can access thousands of workout videos on YouTube and easily follow along at home. And if working out at the gym or at home seems like a chore, participate in an activity that you find enjoyable. I find that if I wake up and workout in the morning, it gets my day started! All sorts of “active” recreation including, dancing, hiking and even gardening can get you moving and can reduce stress.

  • Don’t Take On More Than You Can Handle

Have you noticed that the quality of your work is slipping or that you aren’t able to complete your work each day? Do you find yourself staying at work late at night and missing time with friends and family? These are symptoms that you may have taken on more work than you can effectively execute. These situations often arise from a tendency to take on too many projects or offer your assistance when you are simply too busy to take on anything more. Most business people will have to deal with occasional project deadlines or may have to “pitch in” in order complete a job, however stress can (and will!) arise when this “crunch time” is constant and overwhelming. The goal should be an appropriate workload that although taxing will not result in physical and emotional stress.

The most important thing is to be tuned into how you feel. If you find yourself in a constant state of tension and stress, you should take immediate steps to rectify the situation before it has an opportunity to undermine your overall health and wellbeing.

I want to leave you with a laugh!  One of my friends pointed out to me that the word Stressed spelled backwards is the happiest word in the English dictionary – Desserts.  That will also help get rid of the stress! Enjoy!


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By admin October 30, 2018