Testimonial – Opinion Access Corp.

Testimonial – Opinion Access Corp.

I have been a member of Vistage for a number of years and as such have been introduced to many consultants offering numerous business services ranging from accounting and law to protection services.

When you first introduced the concept of Unique Business Solutions documenting our company’s procedures the concept was intriguing. I will say that I was somewhat skeptical about how thoroughly this could be done.

Opinion Access Corp. is a market research data collection company and because it employs 40 full-time and up to 500 part-time employees, it has many policies and procedures necessary to govern the challenges faced by a relatively large hourly work staff.

From the beginning, your approach to undertaking the challenge of documenting our human resources/office manager operations was nothing short of brilliant. You and your staff patiently sat with our personnel, observing how they “really” did things and then, working with them, helped them to write how they accomplished each task—augmenting each step of the way with pictures and screen captures that have literally created a “how to manual for dummies!”

I want to thank you and your staff for introducing this concept of documentation to our company and affording us a level of protection that a company our size can seldom afford to enjoy.

We look forward to doing additional projects with you.



Jim Hoffman
Opinion Access Corp.

By Gail Trugman-Nikol September 26, 2013