Testimonial – Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Testimonial – Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Unique Business Solutions provided an easy, affordable and timely way to document the functions performed by my Accounting Department. Gail Trugman-Nikol, President, and her team provided the expertise and experience to create and complete our employee training manuals at a level of accuracy, completeness, and professionalism that assures that existing staff and new staff will have easy to follow step by step instructions that will be used for years to come.

Gail and her technical writers worked closely with my Departments to first understand and then document each member’s processes and procedures. They were efficient, positive and easy to work with; getting their work done quickly and in a way that did not interfere with everyone’s daily responsibilities.

Gail’s approach had the very valuable side benefit of helping us to see our processes more clearly and therefore helped us directly and indirectly to reassess our practices to enhance our efficiency and improve our processes. In each area Gail was able to bring her diverse experience and knowledge to provide me with options and insights on how we might be able to adapt our practices to save time and improve accuracy. We implemented many changes as a result of Gail’s insights!

What truly sets Gail and her team apart from other consultants is her ability to carefully listen to each person and discover what their individual needs are. She always makes herself available; connects people to their work in ways that offer immediate, visible results; and finds methods to help her clients save money.

Gail has proven herself to be an exceptional consultant who definitely added value to my group and helped us to continue to grow as World Class Organization.



James L. Smith, CPA
Director of Accounting
Canon U.S.A., Inc.

By Gail Trugman-Nikol August 28, 2013