Testimonial – Arkwin Industries Inc.

Testimonial – Arkwin Industries Inc.

I write this letter as a commendation for the work you have performed for Arkwin Industries, Inc. and a recommendation to prospective clients.

Quite simply, Unique Business Solutions (UBS) plays as it advertises. UBS does what it says it will do in the time allotted to do it.

You, personally, are to be commended as a true “shirtsleeve” consultant who gets down to basics with incumbent personnel and unobtrusively nails down every working detail. You are one of the elite consulting firms that delivers the end product exactly as promised in an immediately useable format.

Please, feel free to invite prospective clients to call me to confirm that your company literature is precisely what you provide.

Thank you for your service and support to Arkwin and we are the better for your service.



Frank Robilotto
President and COO
Arkwin Industries Inc.

By Gail Trugman-Nikol September 26, 2013