Testimonial – Precision Work Inc.

Testimonial – Precision Work Inc.

Dear Gail:

We had realized for the last few years that our experienced office staff was nearing retirement age and we would have to start to train new people for the jobs. The thought was frightening since we were all very busy and “who had time and/or was willing to train a new person.”

When I was originally told about your service, I was very skeptical that a stranger could come into our 48 year old business and give us the job documentations in the detailed manner that we required. However, after 48 years, this documentation was really needed. I very reluctantly agreed to interview you.

In a forthright, direct and confident manner you convinced a skeptic that this could be the very process we so obviously needed to help our employees identify and document their jobs.

Our employees were also skeptical and a bit resistant at first, but your professional manner, friendly demeanor and intelligent way of documenting their jobs won them over. We all became friends and that made the job go much more quickly and smoothly. I appreciate your always being conscious of your budget as well.

Gail, I would not hesitate to recommend that other businesses take advantage of the service that you provide. We look forward to working with you in the future.



Annette Oestreich

By admin December 13, 2016