Testimonial – Hub Truck Rental

Testimonial – Hub Truck Rental

I have heard many speakers throughout my 28 year Career as the CFO with Hub Truck Rental Corp. One speaker in particular intrigued me greatly with his subject matter (Sorry Gail it wasn’t your presentation but eventually it led me to you). The Topic of his discussion was preparing to sell your business. The first item that drew my attention was when selling a business the buyer looks to purchase your systems (i.e. your documentation). The second item he talked about was not being able to fire some of your crucial employees because they express “You cannot let me go because you have no idea what I do”. These 2 issues are what lead me to Gail Nikol of Unique Business Solutions.

My company has approximately 15 office employees who are all crossed trained to provide coverage when an employee is out of the office for a week or two. I had to ask myself if one of those employees were to be out unexpectedly for an extended period of time “would business be able to continue without missing a beat?” I made the decision to document the processes for 3 key office positions that I knew if these employees no longer were working for me or had to be out for an extended period of time then it could potentially cause a major disruption to my operations. It happened to turn out that this became a very wise decision. Coincidently all 3 of these employees had to be out for 1-5 months. The extremely detailed processes book that Gail created saved the day!!!

You might ask yourself, “How did I find Gail?” I belong to a CFO group consisting of a variety of 50 different companies throughout all of Long Island. One of the women in the group had told us about how she documented her company’s warehouse processes and procedures. She stressed how detailed the process book was and that someone could pick up the book and follow the bouncing ball per say. I reviewed her book and was amazed at the process documentation as well as the computer screen shots etc.

When Gail came to the office she was non disruptive to our business operation as well as with the day to day functions of the employee she was working with. She basically is a shadow. She records everything, a transcriber types up the details and then you review what she puts together. Upon completion, you receive the written book as well as a DVD to load on to your computer to share amongst personnel who may be crossed trained already with that individual.

Our COO observed the process at the main office during Gail’s time working here. He was so impressed that he wanted all his branch operations functions documented. We have used the manual as a training tool as part of the new hire orientation process. Our new employees are often quite impressed that we provide such detail.

If you have seen one of Gail’s speaking engagements you will walk away with a wide variety of knowledgeable information. The one major item that will stand out in my mind is if your payroll functions are cross trained. I received a frantic email from one of the CFO’s in my group that I belong to stating on the Friday of Labor Day weekend that her payroll person walked out and she needed someone to process payroll that Tuesday morning when returning from the long weekend. You don’t want to ever want to put yourself in that situation!!!
I would be happy to speak 1 to 1 to anyone who would be interested in using Gail’s services.

Donna M. Blanc
Chief Financial Officer
Hub Truck Rental Corp

By Gail Trugman-Nikol December 22, 2014