Testimonial – Apple & Eve

Testimonial – Apple & Eve

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Gail Trugman-Nikol.

At the end of 2012, Gail and I reconnected after many years. We knew each other when I was at Yellowbook and she owned GLTN Computer Consultants, a PC training company on Long Island. Connecting at that time was fortunate for us at Apple and Eve.

Our Cost Accountant had just given notice and, as with many companies, we did not have a backup. Gail gathered the information needed within 10 hours, wrote a comprehensive process document, and we were able to train a replacement; all of this accomplished prior to the employee leaving.

That is when I recognized the value Unique Business Solutions would bring to Apple & Eve. Our company was transitioning to a paperless system; this needed all of our departments to have proper workflow processes documented. We started out project with human resources as a test department. Within 4 business days, Gail was able to work with our staff to understand the process, determine efficiencies that would be gained through new software, and create comprehensive process workflows that we were able to give to the software company and our technology department. This part of the project went off without a hitch.

The next part of the project was more difficult; we were going to tackle our accounting department. We scheduled each day to work with our accounting team; to review, re-energize, and perhaps change some of the process workflows that were currently in effect. Gail’s approach in our accounting department helped us to see our processes more clearly, helping us reassess some of the practices to enhance our efficiencies and improve the processes. Additionally, she was able to work with our staff and help us see their strengths and weaknesses. Our concern was that we knew that we had some very skilled people but, as in all companies, we had some people in the wrong seats.

In the middle of this accounting project, one of our key players was leaving and Gail was able to turn on a dime to work with that key player to gather and document the information needed to keep Apple & Eve moving forward and retain critical and unique knowledge internally. This documentation was given to some of our accounting staff and they were able to again pick up the slack immediately.

Subsequent assignments for Gail included the process of organizing our company for sale. We needed to document all of the unique and critical knowledge of our accounting staff, sales teams, as well as production planning team. Gail came through on all accounts.

Gail’s professionalism, interpersonal skills, knowledge, and ability to see the big picture has helped our company get through a long, tedious process. She opened our eyes to some of our vulnerabilities. Her business circle allowed us to hire a new Controller. She did a great job coordinating meetings, meeting deadlines, and adhering to budget constraints. Equally as important, Gail is respected by our staff and has a truly remarkable attitude toward everything she does.


Paul D. Rouse
Apple & Eve Beverage Group

By Gail Trugman-Nikol August 15, 2014