Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It’s spring finally, and with the longer days, warmer temperatures and budding flowers comes yes, baseball season!

Now I can’t tell you that I am a baseball nut. I can surely appreciate the skills required to play the game professionally and I do have a 10 pack of games to my beloved NY Mets.  I keep loose tabs on how our other local team is doing, but I wouldn’t say that I am an avid fan.

Still, I do understand that there are some folks out there (men AND women) that really love the game, follow their team/s with great intensity and absolutely love to go to the ballpark and watch a game.

Which brings me to the very point of this blog and it isn’t a review of sports but rather “client appreciation.” In spring and summer, people tend to kick back a bit. Sure work goes on (it has to after all) but there is a more relaxed feeling in the air and it is at this time that a “client appreciation evening” might be just the thing. (Of course you can also include networking partners, referral sources and anyone else that you feel should be recognized as well.)

And a ballgame seems to fill the bill. Getting away from the business at hand, relaxing in an environment that is conducive to non-business related conversation and hence learning more about the people with whom we do business can play an important role in client retention.

So many companies spend most of their marketing budget on attracting NEW clients, yet do little to retain and grow their existing clients. That’s a mistake on many levels and perhaps one of the most important is that it costs five times more to acquire a new client than to keep an old one. Of course you provide excellent work and terrific customer service but wouldn’t you agree that it makes good sense to go one step further, to actually show appreciation in a very real and tangible manner and to develop an even deeper, and hence more resilient, relationship?

Do you agree?  If so then I suggest that you get the team schedule and order some tickets. Throw in some hotdogs and popcorn you have an evening made for fun, relaxation and business togetherness.

After all, there’s always tomorrow for business.

By admin May 1, 2014