Redundant Employees. Now What?

If you run a company you know how difficult it can be when an employee’s position is no longer required and they have become redundant. It has nothing to do with their personality; it has to do only with their position and in many situations, the employee has been performing in an exemplary manner. Redundancy […]

November 5, 2014

How Will You Measure Employee Performance For Year-End Evaluation (aka Am I Getting a Raise?)

It’s getting to be that time.  You know that time when employees are starting to think about year-end bonuses, employee reviews, promotions and raises…yes, that time! Make no mistake about it for even if no one has approached you yet, your employees are eagerly awaiting the year-end raise that they’re confident of receiving or the […]

October 7, 2014

“Who Does What” Can Mean the Difference Between a Good Year or a Bad Year. Plan Now!

When you’re the proverbial “chief, cook and bottle washer” in a small company you fully understand “who does what” because you are the “who” and you do all of the “what”. Finance? Sure. Marketing? That too. Throw in Office Maintenance, Operations and Administrative and you get the idea – you do everything. But once you […]

September 9, 2014

How Much is Employee Absenteeism Costing You?

This is sure going to be a tough week. John, Sue and Bob are all out on vacation. I can’t believe I allowed the three of them to be out at once. How are we going to handle business? Help. Tina just called in sick and we’ve got a deadline to meet. I don’t mean […]

August 5, 2014

A Personal Story

I don’t usually offer personal stories in my newsletter but I thought that by sharing what happened to me might serve to truly validate the services that Unique Business Solutions provides to its clients. It was Columbus Day in 2009 and I was sitting having breakfast with a business colleague. I don’t believe that cell phones […]

July 1, 2014

Where Oh Where Did Our Information Go: What Happens When An Employee is Gone

Good morning all! Where is Steve? Did he call out today? He didn’t call at all? Sandy can you call his home to see if he is OK? “Boss, I called Steve, his wife told me that he is at work at his new company today.” Did any of you know this was going on? […]

June 3, 2014

You’re Retiring. What Do I Need to Know?

The conversation goes something like this: Oh wow. Congratulations. That’s so exciting and well-deserved too. Um, do you have a date when you expect to leave? Oh my, that soon huh? Uh, great. Gee, what do I need to know? Are you feeling the pain? You don’t have to. There’s a natural ebb and flow […]

May 1, 2014

The Show Must Go On (3 Tips for Business Stability When the Unforeseen Occurs)

“The show must go on.” You don’t have to be part of the Boy Scouts of America or an actor, actress or dancer to embrace the philosophy behind these phrases. No indeed, they work just fine for businesses as well. The plain truth is that unexpected things happen; in fact, it’s pretty much a certainty. […]

April 1, 2014

Do you have millennials on your payroll?

Do you have Millennials on your payroll? You know, those young adults born between the years of 1980 and 2000. It’s critically important to take note of this generation because by 2025 (not so very far away!), 75% of the global workforce will be Millennials. It’s also possible that the sustainability and ongoing growth of […]

March 1, 2014

Dealing With An Aging Workforce

Let’s face it. We’re getting older. The first baby boomers started turning 65 in 2011 and for the next 15 years 10,000 boomers will turn 65 each and every day. There have been warnings for years about the unprecedented loss of knowledge and expertise that will occur when the baby boomers retire – which could […]

February 1, 2014