Procedures Mean Peace of Mind and Better Profits Too

Procedures Mean Peace of Mind and Better Profits Too
  • Nah, we don’t have any real procedures. The stuff just gets done.
  • Procedures would just hamper our creativity.
  • There’s no reason for us to have procedures. Everything is working out well right now.
  • Our staff has been with us well over 15 years, they have it handled.

Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I have heard these words I would be retired in Tahiti. (Probably not, but that’s not really relevant, is it?!) Most of the time when a business owner says something like this to me, I nod my head indicating that I am listening intently and then wonder when they will reach out and contact me. You see, eventually, if you run a business you will need to put some procedures in place. You might already be profitable and things may run pretty efficiently, but let me assure you that with smart procedures you will have a smoother running company (and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that things are in sync), increased profits and happier employees too.

Here are three sound reasons why you should have business procedures:

Consistency of delivery

Chaos ensues when you have no process written. Having comprehensive business procedures means that your employees will know exactly what they have to do to successfully execute the responsibilities of their job. It helps to ensure product and service quality over time especially when there is turnover or absenteeism in the department. Remember too that without specific procedures employees are left to “do it their way” and “their” way might be costing you time and money. Detailing the procedures for each department will mean that your company will run more smoothly and the customers receive a better work product too.

Assists in onboarding and training new employees

How effectively you onboard and train your new employees corresponds to how successfully they do their job and to their overall job satisfaction, as well as overall employee retention. New employees need a roadmap in order to best understand how you want the job to be done. Even if they have experience doing the work and have the skills to immediately execute the job, it is important that they get an understanding of the expectations in your company and what it means to be efficient and effective in their new position.

Ensures productivity and continuity when there is employee turnover or absenteeism

As every business owner knows the “show must go on” despite employee turnover and absenteeism. Clients expect the same level of product and service quality regardless of the human resources drama that might be going on in your company. The best way, or perhaps the only way to ensure that there is no diminishment in quality and productivity, is to have procedures and incorporate them into all cross-training endeavors.

The important thing to remember is that procedures must be reviewed each year so that you can update and possibly improve upon what you have put into place. Nothing stays static and your procedures must reflect the current environment in your company.



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By admin April 17, 2018