Yikes, It’s 2020! How Did That Happen and What are You Going to do About It?

Yikes, It’s 2020! How Did That Happen and What are You Going to do About It?

Yikes, It’s 2020! How Did That Happen and What are You Going to do About It?

Yikes, is it really 2020?

I know it’s a new decade and all but honestly, I feel like we just moved from 2009 to 2010 so how did 2020 creep up so fast? I’ve heard that time seems to go by even faster as you age (my mom and dad taught me that in the 1960s; Ouch!) but there’s not a darn thing we can do about the swift-moving passage of time. What we can control is what we choose to do with our time.

Here are (3) three personal and business resolutions that make sense, in this decade and beyond:

Think About What Makes You Happy

With the full realization that we get just one “go-round” on this earth, it makes perfect sense to be purposeful in trying to achieve the best life you can have. Is your work satisfying? Do you feel that your work-life integration is operating the way you want or is some change necessary? Think about what exists right now, reflect on the decade that lies ahead and how you can improve upon your current situation and make it your best decade yet.

“Being happy” seems so fundamental, doesn’t it, yet for many, it is very difficult to achieve.

Simplify Your Life

I’m not going to go all “Marie Kondo” on you, but look around your home and office to see if it would be possible to do away with some of your “stuff.” It’s a difficult task since we are continually being bombarded on and offline with advertising and offers about the newest, best and greatest products (most of which we don’t need since we only bought one of these within the last two years), this season’s fashions, along with upgrades and enhancement on things we haven’t even learned to use in the first place.

“Stuff” doesn’t make you happy, at least for the long haul. Sure, there’s some excitement at the moment, but that wears off pretty quickly, especially when the “newest and greatest” becomes old very soon.

Re-Engineer as The Year Goes By

It is naive to think that what you plan on doing in January is a “given” and you will be able to move forward and execute your plan without any curve balls being thrown your way. (By the way, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing!)

The fact is that curve balls get lobbed our way with great regularity and it is how you react to these changes that make all of the difference in the world and will ultimately lead you to the success you desire. The diet or exercise plan you embark on might have to be modified because of a new medical condition; a client might alter their business model and stop working with you.  But one thing is for certain — regardless of what you do to make things “sticky,” things will change. Be open and receptive to the need to re-engineer because, quite frankly, there is no choice.


And yes, there is one more thing — start a “gratitude practice” in this new decade. Take a few moments every day to reflect upon what you have and for which you should be grateful, and not what you covet.

This daily activity can potentially change your mindset and leave you more open to receiving all that is good in the years to come.


January 7, 2020