Three Reasons Why You Never Stop Selling

Three Reasons Why You Never Stop Selling

How is my business doing?

Business Owners must periodically ask themselves this question, and they should look to sales and revenue numbers for the answer.

Sales numbers provide a helpful snapshot of what is going on in the business; when the numbers are green, business is good! Although sales is not the only important metric of a company’s success – production, operations and human resources are also critical – it should not be forgotten that sales is the engine that runs the company.

Regardless of industry or size, every company needs to sell in order to remain in business. Proactive selling must be an ongoing, integral part of your business initiatives, not just something to do when there is a downturn in business.

Here are (3) three key reasons why you must never stop selling:


  • Competition Will Move In


There are few companies with absolutely no competition, and, in fact, if they find themselves in that enviable position, it is only a matter of time before someone else sees the opportunity and jumps into their “space.” Competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you are no longer visible in the marketplace and your core values hidden from prospective customers. And it’s not only prospective customers. Client loyalty is all well and good, however if you are not continuously wowing your existing customers, providing them with quality work and going after the low hanging fruit, you run the risk of losing a portion or all of their business to your competition. Selling to the existing clients is as important as generating sales from potential ones.


  • Your Sales Skills Will Become “Soft” or Even Disappear Entirely


Some people have a knack for selling, as if it is their natural function. For others, it is something that needs constant refinement and sharpening. As with most activities such as sports, cooking, music or even driving, your sales skills will grow weaker the less you are active. It is important to engage in the act of selling in order to retain key competencies and be effective. Stop selling for any amount of time and you’ll find that the next time you have to do any prospecting, networking, or sales outreach you may be very rusty and ineffective.


  • You Can Better Control Your Revenue


It may feel more comfortable to sit back and derive most of your business reactively, but it can be very risky too. Referrals can dry up or clients may become more reticent about making introductions, and your lead flow can diminish or stop coming in at all. When you are in control of your sales and are actively generating your own pipeline through your efforts, you will find yourself in much more control of your revenue stream.

Bottom-line: you have to perpetually sell your products or services to stay in business. Don’t sit back and become complacent. Business may be good now but what about next month or year? To be around for the long haul, never stop selling!

September 1, 2018