Politics Doesn’t Belong in the Office

Politics Doesn’t Belong in the Office

You can’t escape it, can you? The first seven months of this presidency have been… how shall we say… eventful. Continuous coverage on television, headlines in newspapers and magazines, and regular online updates, too. You just can’t get away from it!

But perhaps you can, at least for the 8-10 hours spent each day in the office.

As the saying goes, there is a time and a place for everything, and here’s why the office provides neither the time nor the place for discussions about politics:

Teamwork May Suffer

Most businesses rely on strong teamwork and support to get the job done. The truth is that any discussion about politics will be polarizing, intentional or not. The seeds of discord caused by a passionate political discussion can germinate quickly and fiercely, undermining productivity, employee morale, and hard-won office harmony. Relationships among employees, or between employer and employees, can be severed when politics interjects into ordinary office life. Management must remain attentive and aware of relationships that are being compromised because of contentious political dialogue that may take place during work hours.

Employees May Feel Pressure By A Disagreement With Their Supervisor

Your employees strive to maintain a good working relationship with their Supervisors and Managers, taking care to refrain from making comments that are not supportive of the viewpoints raised by the very individuals to whom they report. In other words, employees are fully aware of the situations in which they should just keep their mouths shut. Employees should never feel pressured to change their opinion because a Supervisor holds a differing political viewpoint; more so, the status of their employment should not be impacted by their viewpoint.

Output Can Deteriorate

Employees may find it very difficult to have a conversation with other employees that do not see things the way they do. Political conversations can lead to emotional exhaustion and may impact an employee’s ability to perform to the best of their ability. Keeping one’s emotions out of the workplace is fundamental to ensuring an efficient, high quality workflow.

At this point most people are happy to put politics to the side, however just a few “outliers” can corrupt the workplace and create a toxic environment for others. It’s best to nip their behavior (and conversations) in the bud before it impacts other employees and the work that they produce.

September 12, 2017