In The Spirit of the Holidays

In The Spirit of the Holidays

I know that I say this every year but here I go again…”Can you believe that we are coming to the end of 2019? How did the year go by so quickly?”

For me, and I imagine for most of you too, there have been some highs and some lows this past year but we have prevailed and here we are not only looking back but also looking ahead.

Personally, in 2018 I had my left hip replaced and in 2019 I had my right hip replaced. I feel like a new person and am taking advantage of it by booking a 10 day vacation with my husband, Pete, to Italy in 2020. That was a promise I made prior to the surgeries and now I will fulfill a lifelong dream!

I want to take this moment to express my sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks for your support and friendship and hope that we will continue to prosper in the upcoming year.

And so…

In the Spirit of this Wonderful Holiday:

  • Forget your diet and eat the Christmas cookies.
  • Spin the dreidel one more time and laugh like a kid.
  • Set aside time for friends, family and those that you love.
  • Shut down your technology and live in the moment.
  • Indulge in some self-care. Go to the gym or spa, do some yoga or just take a long nap on your couch.
  • Read more fiction and get lost in another time and place.
  • Book a vacation and explore a new city.
  • Take more time to enjoy your particular hobby.
  • Call up friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while and find out what’s been happening in their lives.
  • Help someone less fortunate.

From my family to your family, regardless of your holiday celebration, we wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

December 13, 2019