How to Keep Employees Engaged When There is No Career Path

How to Keep Employees Engaged When There is No Career Path

Going to work each day and seeing no opportunity for advancement.
Watching people in other departments leap frog into other positions.
Feeling stagnant and undervalued.

Might employees in your company have these same thoughts?

Let’s face it, not every company can offer opportunities for career advancement across the board; it’s especially difficult for the owners of small and mid sized companies. If your employees feel as if they have hit a career roadblock, then they are probably not motivated enough to give you their best work and that can impact the entire company.

Here are some suggestions that can result in a more engaged and motivated workforce regardless if there is career advancement or not:

* MAKE ALL EMPLOYEES FEEL VALUED AND RECOGNIZED by creating an office culture that welcomes employee suggestions and routinely acts upon these suggestions when they are appropriate. This can take the form of a suggestion box or monthly department or company-wide town hall meetings at which every employee has a voice! Don’t do this if you are not willing to acknowledge that employees might just have good ideas!

* FRONT-LINE SUPERVISORS play an important role in keeping employees motivated, enthusiastic and focused on the work that needs to be done. Make certain that direct supervisors encourage and recognize good work. They must have the skills required so they can foster teamwork and a collaborative work environment. Being an effective supervisor requires tact, empathy and leadership skills. If you feel that some of your supervisors might need additional reinforcement in these skills, a supervisory skills training program might be an excellent investment.

* PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES for ongoing learning by bringing in experienced speakers to run lunch ‘n learn sessions on topics of interest. Offer tuition reimbursement for all employees that enroll in a management approved adult or continuing education program. Bottom-line, employees that feel that their company is genuinely interested in their personal development are usually more satisfied and motivated.

* CREATE A MENTORING PROGRAM whereby employees are teamed up based upon their interests and experience. Mentor programs help employees to gain new skills and provide valuable on-the-job coaching.

* TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT THE CROSS-TRAINING opportunities within the company. While there may not be a definitive career path in some positions, cross-training will enable employees to learn new skills as well as provide “back-up” when it is required.

And don’t forget that there are some employees for whom career advancement does not play a role in what drives them. They endeavor to do good work but they have other passions that keep them fulfilled and happy. For these employees verbal and monetary recognition for their good work is sufficient.


Taken from the February 2015 Unique Business Solutions Newsletter

March 10, 2015