Why Hiring a Veteran Makes Good Business Sense

Why Hiring a Veteran Makes Good Business Sense

Does it make good business sense to hire a Veteran? If you polled Business Owners from across industries, most would say yes even though most have no experience hiring a Veteran for their Company.

It is too broad to declare that all Veterans make good hires. There are Veterans who have certain sought after qualities, and there are others that frankly do not. The Military offers servicemen and women opportunities to develop and enrich these qualities.

Here are a few key traits that are nurtured and enforced in the Armed Services that can make Veterans highly sought after by Companies everywhere:

Work Ethic and Discipline

It is no surprise most Veterans develop a top rate work ethic because of their time in the Military. It begins at Boot Camp, when indoctrinated soldiers learn that slacking off is unacceptable and can have serious repercussions, especially when others are relying on your hard work. Discipline remains a constant throughout their years in service, and most soldiers maintain their strong work ethic afterward. Employers can expect that once a Veteran is trained on the requirements of their job, they will apply themselves in a diligent, focused manner and stick to the task at hand.


Under the most severe and stressful circumstances, a soldier’s life often depends on the people in his or her unit. The Military builds a sense of common purpose and a common ideology; teamwork is the key to survival. The team-oriented approach is fundamental to success in business. As a Veteran is introduced to his or her colleagues, s/he will deploy their individual skills and strengths for the benefit of the Company.


Military men and women receive intensive training that is different from what is provided to civilians in the private sector. When ordered to carry out a specific task, they will not stop until they are successful or have met expectations. A Veteran’s high dependability translates to little need for “babysitting” or “reminders.”

Structure and Ability to Follow Orders

There are few comparable institutions with a structure as rigid and hierarchy as defined. As such, Veterans leave the Armed Services with a strong understanding of the “chain of command.” They accept the reality of being directed to work under a certain process or procedure, and will rarely seek out alternative methods or ways to “go around” what is proven to be successful.

Veterans who embrace these values and who receive proper training on core “business” skills can make excellent employees. Are you interested in hiring a Veteran? If so, here are some additional resources to explore:

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February 7, 2017