Do You Have the Right Department Manager?

Do You Have the Right Department Manager?

There are those who say that managing people is the most difficult job of all, an opinion they share based on all of the complications they know to come along with the position. Drama and squabbles, keeping the team focused on the job and taking responsibility for the work tasked to their department, are just a few of the challenges managers routinely face.

Business owners need to be aware that not everyone is cut out to be an effective manager and many “prospective”managers may require managerial training to bring them up to speed EVEN when their “instincts” are good.

Here are three things business owners should look for in order to best determine if they have the right manager in the job. Even better, these tips will also help you to promote the right manager into the position. (You know, “an ounce of prevention” and all that!)

  1. They Are Already Managing But Don’t Even Know It.

An effective department manager is team-oriented and in addition to managing their own time and responsibilities, will often help others in the department by either taking on some of the work in order to get the job done, or offer guidance and support whenever appropriate. These individuals do this quite naturally and their actions are extremely well received by most everyone else in the department.

  1. They Exceed Expectations.

They understand that meeting expectations is not enough, and exceeding expectations is something they strive for in all aspects of their work. It’s important to note that they do this consistently and not on an “as needed” basis. By setting the bar high, they also help the rest of the team to “go big”.

  1. They Proactively Make Suggestions On How To “Get Things Done.”

Rather than sitting back and complaining about something that isn’t working as effectively as it should, these individuals take the initiative and make (reasonable) suggestions on specific changes to improve the situation, and they do so in a helpful manner without ego or any sort of attitude. The suggestions are made for the good of the overall department and the department’s contribution to the company as a whole. This is another example of their focus on “us” and not “I”.

A good department manager should be a role model and is a combination of cheerleader and teacher. It’s important to recognize their skills and loyalty, and the importance of their role in retaining employees, stimulating optimal performance and generating a sense of team amongst those in their department.

Do you have this person in your organization? Look around within your company; you just might be surprised at your leaders today and for tomorrow!


March 10, 2020