Back to Business: Keeping Motivation High

Back to Business: Keeping Motivation High

It’s tough, isn’t it? Summer is done and we’re now involved in the final push to get through the fourth quarter and end the year on a high note. Somehow it’s always easier to be energetic and motivated when the sun is shining, the days are long and there could even be some vacation plans on the calendar. And even if you are enthusiastic about fall, we know that the cold days of winter lie ahead. I have spoken to other business owners and even we need a motivational boost on occasion.

The seasons notwithstanding, as a business owner, it is always important to keep your employees motivated and energized. Here are four things that you can do to increase their enthusiasm in the workplace:

Recognize your employees

No one likes to feel that their work is unappreciated and that their very job is unimportant. Every employee wants to believe that they play an integral role in the success of the company in which they work. This recognition can be shown in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Handwrite thank-you notes when employees go “over and beyond” — My personal favorite.
  2. Develop incentive programs that showcase and reward your top performers.
  3. Schedule employee appreciation breakfasts or lunches; either one-on-one or as a group!
  4. Celebrate milestones such as employee anniversaries with an engraved plaque.
  5. Create curated employee “field trips”.
  6. Create an “employee of the month” program.

Provide opportunities for skills enhancement

Helping your employees to obtain new and enhanced skills is a win-win for the employees AND your company. The employees will learn new skills that will enable them to advance in their careers and your company will have employees that have the requisite skills to be promoted from within; they may even have suggestions to enhance today’s process for the future.. Retention will increase, recruitment costs will fall and employees will be motivated to perform.

Create an appealing workspace for all employees

It doesn’t take much to provide employees with a work environment that is attractive and comfortable. Consider the following:

  1. Freshen up the office by painting it a new color.
  2. Invest in a better quality coffee maker or hire a coffee service.
  3. Provide healthy snacks and water.
  4. Display artifacts and hang some art; you may have artist among your employees, have them contribute the art to the common areas.
  5. Allow employees to personalize their workstations or offices.

Enforce the lines of good communication

One of the best ways to motivate employees is to make certain that they know they can turn to their Supervisors and Management when they have a problem or concern and can do so without worry or fear of losing their job. Supervisors and Managers must be trained in good listening skills as well as how to provide feedback and coaching in a supportive manner. You may consider outsourcing this training to the Professionals that have been successful time and time again!


Remember that you and your employees probably spend more waking hours working at your company than anywhere else. It makes good sense to provide them with the opportunity to succeed in a company that cares about them, takes their work seriously and compensates them fairly. Anything less is demotivating.


September 17, 2019