A Personal Story

A Personal Story

I don’t usually offer personal stories in my newsletter but I thought that by sharing what happened to me might serve to truly validate the services that Unique Business Solutions provides to its clients.

It was Columbus Day in 2009 and I was sitting having breakfast with a business colleague. I don’t believe that cell phones have a place in business meetings and so I had left mine in my car.  One hour later as I got to my car I looked at my mobile phone; there were nine missed phone calls and four voicemails.  My 51 year old husband had a stroke.

I immediately went to the hospital and spent the rest of the day in the emergency room with doctors who said that they were not equipped to handle a stroke victim and were sending my husband to NSHS Manhasset campus.

The next eight days were a blur. I went from my home to the hospital and then back home and my primary conversations were with hospitals, doctors and research departments. My thoughts were front and center on my husband and not on my business, clients, friends or even my animals at home.

gail-pete-300During this time I took one hour every day to call my clients and my business associates to give them updates.  My clients were wonderful; they put all projects on hold until I could give them the attention they deserved.  My business associates and I canceled all meetings until I knew what was going on in our household.  Everyone respected my time and sent emails to check up on Pete and I.

My work schedule remained incredibly constrained. On day (8) eight, I brought my husband home from the hospital with the knowledge that for at least one month he needed daily blood tests and physical therapy three times a week. I was his primary caregiver.

It took five weeks from his initial stroke before I felt comfortable enough to leave my husband for several hours a day so I could continue business.  By the grace of God, my husband was able to go back to work in 10 weeks and is still working today.

First, let me thank you for letting me share my story with you, but I am sure if you were in the same situation or if one of your staff was in the same situation you would do the same as I did.  I was lucky because I run a small business; my staff have additional income streams so I didn’t feel guilty about my not doing business during those weeks.  It did however affect my cash flow and my mindset.

As a caregiver nothing else matters.  In my case I focused all my attention on my husband and business had to wait.  If you have a larger company and this happens to you or your staff, do you know if your company and your clients can wait? Would the same generosity of spirit prevail?

I encourage you to think about my story before this sort of situation occurs in your own life or business. The best time to put all of the pieces in place is when you have the luxury of time to do so. We help businesses get through these incredibly tough times, when all “routine” falls by the wayside. We establish processes and procedures that will enable business to go on. I hope that this situation never happens to you or your staff but I implore you to be ready if it does.

From the July 2014 Unique Business Solutions Newsletter

July 1, 2014