Losing Time By the Minute

Losing Time By the Minute

Have any of the following circumstances ever happened to you?  Actually, excuse me, but tell me how many times per day (per week?) these have HAPPENED to you?

  • You go into a store and attempt to make a purchase and the minutes tick by as the seemingly untrained sales clerk tries to figure out how to ring up your items at the cash register.
  • You’re in a restaurant and midway through telling you about the “specials of the day” the waiter/waitress forgets what they are supposed to be explaining and then it’s back to the kitchen to get the details.
  • You call customer service and suffer through some interminable hold-time while the representative tries to find the answer to your question.

Small things, sure, but wouldn’t you agree that the day is busy enough without LOSING unnecessary and valuable time.

Why do I say “unnecessary?”  Simple. In each of the situations mentioned above (and these have happened to me in the past 48 hours), a little bit of training on the part of the company owner/manager would have gone a long way to reducing, or totally eliminating, the delays caused by a lack of information and yes, training.

So really, is it too much to ask that we take the time to educate and train our employees, to make certain that they know what they are supposed to do and are skilled at executing their tasks?

And taking it one step further, what if we made certain that their job responsibilities and tasks were detailed and recorded so that if and when these employees are on vacation, out on sick leave or there is a change in personnel, the new or interim employee has a detailed roadmap so that they can assume the position and perform the job effectively.

Does that seem like it too much to ask?  I thought not.

And who benefits?  Well just about everyone.  The customer of course, but also the employee because they now have an improved set of skills and perhaps even enhanced job satisfaction, but perhaps the biggest winner of all is the company itself (or store, restaurant, etc.) for this training will help ensure customer loyalty and repeat business.

And isn’t that what we all want? So think about it. Are you doing the required training and documenting the job responsibilities of your employees? I hope the answer is “yes!”


By admin February 25, 2014