How to Find Employees With the Greatest Potential for Success In Your Firm

How to Find Employees With the Greatest Potential for Success In Your Firm

Finding the best employees for your open positions can be tough in any economy, and top candidates are even more difficult to find when the unemployment rate is as low as it is now. Ask any Business Owner and almost all will readily admit that one of their biggest pain points is human resources and specifically, how to find employees with the greatest potential for success in their company.

Here are suggestions on how you can best source high-quality candidates for your firm:

Create a “Formal” Structured Recruiting Program Regardless of the Size Your Company

Recruiting and hiring can be time-consuming and stressful and even more so when the entire process is unsystematic and random. You can save time and money by creating standardized procedures and assigning responsibility for your hiring process to the “right” person, especially if you do not have a dedicated Human Resources Department. That person may be part of the Management staff (i.e., Controller, Department Manager, Office Manager, etc.). When doing this, you will ensure that relevant steps in the recruitment process aren’t overlooked and costly hiring mistakes are kept to a minimum.

Develop a Comprehensive Job Description and Employee Profile for the Position you are Filling

Knowing the responsibilities of the job and what characteristics you are looking for before you start to recruit, are a key component in successful recruiting. An individual that interviews well but does not have the requisite qualifications for the position can sway Business Owners and lead them to make an unqualified hire, and while a “trainable” individual might be suitable for some positions, they are doomed to fail in others.  Hiring pro-actively is “less costly” than re-actively!

Involve Existing Employees

Your existing employees can be one of the most effective sources of potentially high performing candidates for your company and while they may not know the full requirements of the position itself, they are well aware of the corporate culture, opportunities for advancement and the ability for one of their contacts to be a good “fit” for the firm. Request their assistance when filling certain positions and develop a program whereby existing employees can receive a bonus if you hire one of their contacts.

It goes without saying that your company’s social media and the career page on your website should reflect well on your company and will leave a potential candidate wanting to learn more. This is an employee’s job market and you are competing with other firms for the same talent. Make certain that the top candidates are as interested in you as you are in them.


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By admin May 15, 2018