Finding More Hours in a Day

Finding More Hours in a Day

Good news, folks! In 2019 each one of you will be given an additional hour each day. That’s right: seven more hours every week to do with just as you wish, no questions asked. You can sleep more, enjoy a delicious meal longer, and dedicate more time to “activities.”

Sounds wonderful, however a 25-hour day is just not going to happen. Truth be told, we are all stuck living with the same amount of time. Still, for some people, having additional hours in a day is a perceived reality – and luxury! – because they always seem to find extra hours to “get stuff done.”

How are they able to “find” more hours when so many of us find ourselves “running out of time?”

Here are three suggestions on how you can reclaim some hours and add time to your day:

Restrict Your Screen Time

For many business owners, the amount of time spent on social media and attending to a voluminous amount of email has ballooned to a frightening extent. While social media and email play critical roles in your business, there are indeed other elements of your day-to-day that exist in real life. Never forget that social media will always be there, and emails will never stop. Restrict your screen time by creating a schedule as to when you will be online, or simply demonstrate greater self-control throughout the day so you do not mindlessly scroll through your social media feeds or replying to messages that to not require a response. You’ll find yourself able to save considerable time, and be more productive, by cutting down on your screen time.

Delegate Low Value Work 

Make 2019 the year when you will (finally!) outsource nonessential and low-value work to virtual assistants or service providers that can execute these tasks for you. Delegating tasks can be challenging, especially for Type A personalities that are most comfortable when they are doing the work themselves. But in order to gain the time to attend to higher level, mission critical tasks, delegation is a must.

Use Your Hours Wisely

By using your time wisely, you will find that you are able to reclaim lost hours in your day. Consider these “time expanders”:

  • Make your commute a productive one. Read or listen to an audiobook, respond to emails that may have come in overnight, or use the time to come up with creative and new ideas for your professional and/or personal lives.
  • Wake up an hour earlier. Use this time to read, exercise, meditate, or plan your day. You’ll find that this quiet morning hour will allow you more time during the most active parts of the day.
  • Evaluate your biggest time wasters and change things up. Question everything. Do you really need a weekly meeting with your sales team, and if you determine that you do, can the meeting be reduced by 10, 15, or even 30 minutes? Should all of your networking “house call” meetings be done one-to-one, or would it be more efficient to meet with 2 or 3 networking contacts at the same time? You’ll find that once you begin to analyze how you spend your time you are apt to find ways to add hours to your day.

Acknowledging the need for better time management is the first step. Many business owners will find themselves with “extra” time in their day by doing these things included as well as identifying other time-saving initiatives.

Share your time savers with me and I’ll be certain to make a mention of them in an upcoming post or newsletter!


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By admin January 22, 2019