They’re Baaack…Temporary Staff That Is

They’re Baaack…Temporary Staff That Is

It’s summer and the vacation schedule is almost complete. You’ve tried to be careful and not allow for a mass exodus of key personnel to occur simultaneously but make no mistake about it, there will be days when some of your key employees will be away at the same time, and correspondingly, your stress level will be high.

Sound familiar?  It doesn’t have to be this way you know. Vacations come and vacations go but regardless business must go on and it must be able to go on without missing a beat.

No stress? Everything operating without a hitch? Sound too good to be true?  Not so and here’s what you have to do:

Make certain that everyone submits his or her vacation schedule to you as soon as possible and rather than leave it loose, it’s best to set a deadline. Review the dates and make certain that the employees that are integral to daily operations are not out at the same time. Priority can be given to the employees that submit their schedule first and to those with seniority.

Make certain that all job responsibilities are documented as thoroughly as possible so that temporary workers can assume the job with minimal upheaval. Recording every employee’s tasks is something that should be done well in advance of summer however it’s not too late to start the process regardless if you are executing the documentation internally or bringing in an outside resource.

Involve all of your employees in the task documentation process working under the assumption that no one knows the job as well as the person that is doing it.

Make certain to screen and qualify your temps carefully so that you can get it right the first time! Don’t try to go it alone if you don’t have the time to conduct a thorough screening and hiring process. Use the services of a staffing agency to assist you with this very time consuming and often frustrating activity.

If possible arrange for the temp to come in and shadow the employee before they report to work. This will allow time for training and a more smooth transition.

Think ahead for next year as far as documenting your work processes and writing detailed job descriptions. The better the documentation the easier it is for a temp to successfully assume the duties of the job.

Vacations are a fact of business life and everyone needs and deserves time off. The more you plan for this eventuality the easier it will be. Now bring on those temps!

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By admin June 10, 2014