Creating a Workflow

Creating a Workflow

When we teach clients how to create a process workflow, we tell them to think out the steps.  Using a bulleted format type them, with the decisions in place through the process.  Now try to hand sketch the workflow before trying to put it into software like Visio or WizFlow.

The “why” is simple!  We make assumptions and miss steps that we take for granted. When you write the steps and then try to sketch them by hand you realize that the flow doesn’t work and you find all of the decisions and steps that you left out.

Another great way to create a workflow is with your team!  The input from others is incredible when you work as a team.  Each has their ideas and together you may find a re-engineering of a process that is cumbersome or just doesn’t quite work for the company any more.



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Click here to view Software workflow example

By admin November 15, 2013