How to Create Raving Fans for Your Business

How to Create Raving Fans for Your Business

You know full well that the time and cost required to find and convert new clients can be huge. You also never know when an existing client will suddenly drop their account with you. It is a perpetual task to keep your clients happy – if you want their business after all. For these reasons, you should know how important it is to create raving fans.

What do I mean by create raving fans? You must:

Build a Foundation of Trust by Delivering What You Promise

It is a mark of pride and respect to consistently deliver that which you promise a client. It says something about your commitment to quality service if you go above and beyond what is expected. For examples, submit your work before a deadline, make a referral to another of your contacts, come in under budget, or host a productive touch-base. These, and more, would strengthen your business relationships and create a foundation of trust when it’s needed most. Remember, people will judge whether you can perform to their expectations – always best to over-deliver to build up a base of raving fans!

Stay in Contact and Keep Your Customers Informed

As mentioned, you can stay in “regular” touch with clients any number of ways. You should determine with your client what is the best method of communication – is it phone? Email? Text? Face-to-face? Information-sharing should be unimpeded. Clients should be informed of potential problems and active issues, for example, because the “surprise” is not worth drawing their ire; you are responsible for minimizing surprises. Curiously clients don’t like surprises even when the news is good. Best solution is to keep clients aware of your work with regular contact.

Be Proactive with Ideas and Solutions

There’s nothing that can turn a client into a raving fan faster than being a proactive and resourceful solutions provider. You can show you’re intent to execute by bringing forward ideas and plans that will benefit the client. Your ability to show a client the way forward is everything. By demonstrating your skills at working out different solutions you position yourself as a business resource and clients will call on you to help them towards business success.

You can turn your clients into raving fans even when something goes wrong, however it is how you handle a problem and how little those problems occur that will determine their satisfaction with you.

Dazzle your clients in good times and bad and you will win their loyalty and respect for a long, long time.

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By admin February 27, 2018