Clothes Make the Man (And Women Too)

Clothes Make the Man (And Women Too)

You know the old cliché you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Well, cliché it might be but it is absolutely correct. Once that first impression is made it takes a heck of a lot to dispel the image that was communicated.

That goes for the words you say, your body language and of course, your appearance, including the clothes that you wear.

Now I'm not implying that you have to be a veritable clothes horse spending the lion’s share of your income on apparel worthy of a photo shoot in Vogue; no indeed, nothing like that.

What I am suggesting is that you must be aware of the visual impression that you are leaving. Simple things like:

  • Your clothes must always be clean, well pressed and devoid of tears and rips, loose threads and missing buttons.
  • What you are wearing MUST be suitable for the circumstances. It might be totally appropriate to wear jeans and a hoodie in some work places (think Facebook) but clearly not when you are doing a presentation to a partner in a law firm. On the other hand, in some situations a suit might be considered overkill. And as for that very short dress, well, a little too much leg, thank you very much.
  • You don't want to stand out because of what you are wearing unless, of course, you are in the fashion industry. You want to stand out because of your professionalism and knowledge.

Best rule of thumb: Let your intelligence create the vision and not your clothes.

By admin April 1, 2014