Do Your Clients LOVE You?

Do Your Clients LOVE You?

Do your clients love you?  Think about it for a moment.  I know it’s a very intense word and all but really, do your clients love you?

Of course I am not referring to the romantic sort of love, or even to the type of love that is shared by members of families and perhaps even by good friends. What I’m talking about is the Thesaurus definition that includes: be devoted to, care for and be keen on.

Yes, business love, and while love might not be the best word, it sure as heck seems to fit these situations:

  • The client sees you as a valued partner and resource and not a vendor. (Hint: vendors get marginalized out of existence.)
  • The client is willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if and when something goes askew.
  • The client isn’t much interested in speaking with your competition. They’re loyal to you and appreciate what you provide.
  • The client understands when your rates go up and sees the situation for what it is – a simple matter of economics.

So maybe it isn’t love per se but it sure would work into the Thesaurus definitions.

In today’s highly competitive world where we take in thousands of marketing messages per day and businesses compete with the best and the brightest worldwide courtesy of the Internet, business love (AKA customer care excellence) is what can set you apart.

It’s as simple as customer service or maybe it’s not so simple after all!

We’ve all had our run-ins with companies that have not, in our opinion, played fair. Rules and regulations that were not customer friendly, fees and fines that seemed to make no sense at all, representatives that took rudeness to a whole new level…these are the things that surely don’t foster “the love.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, becoming a customer focused company takes some work but the payback is enormous:

  • Customer loyalty and reduced attrition
  • Improved profit margins and revenues
  • Increased referrals and new business
  • Becoming a trusted advisor

These and more are there for the taking just as long as you show and share the love. Not so easy but well worth it.

By admin March 25, 2014