Just Because It Worked in the Past…Should You Still Be Doing It? (Change Can Be Good!)

Just Because It Worked in the Past…Should You Still Be Doing It? (Change Can Be Good!)

Savvy business owners know that to be successful over the long term they must evolve to changing times. That’s just the way it is – as the market and demand for products and services changes, so too must the business in order to thrive not just survive!

For instance:

Do you use a Manual or DOS Based Accounting System because it is the way it has always been done? If so, it is definitely costing you time and money. Accounting processes can be executed much more effectively and efficiently by implementing QuickBooks, Xero or any of the myriad Accounting Systems that are in use today.

Do your Sales People use index cards or notebooks to maintain notes about their prospects? Simple? Sure. Effective? Wrong!  You have no idea who their contacts are – the Clients are yours!. There are hundreds of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that can help you maximize your business development and sales process.

Do you use “buddy style” training for New-Hires whereby a New Employee shadows a staff member for a few hours or days or until they are “ready” to start their work? How does that style affect your Productivity and success rate?

If you are running your business as you have done for years, I suggest it is time to take a closer look at your Operations and focus on what might need to evolve in order to be more effective and efficient.

Here are a few aspects of your business that should be examined:

  • What processes and procedures are currently in place? Do these systems support your desired business growth?Policies are put in place to keep a company on track and running smoothly from the start. These must be re-evaluated periodically to see if your infrastructure can support new business initiatives, markets, products and services.
  • Can your current staff handle the technology upgrades that have changed the way your business operates? Are they stuck performing the “old way” when something new and better is placed right at their fingertips?There are many positives to minimal employee turnover, of course. However, loyal and dedicated employees who are not evolving with your business are holding you and your team back. Training can only go so far!!

It is important to know when something tried and true is no longer the best option. Your business deserves to be at the vanguard of changing times. You can be sure that if you’re open and optimistic, success is as easy as the change itself.


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By admin June 23, 2015