Balancing Your Work and Play

Balancing Your Work and Play

Have you ever felt like your life was out of balance, like you are spending far too much time at work and missing out on other parts of life, sacrificing time that could be spent with friends and family and feeling remorseful about it?

I know I have!

All of us have the same 24 hours in a day to accomplish what needs to be done, including work we get paid for and activities we pay for. Some of us do more, others do less. The issue of work-life balance, however, is one that everyone must face.

While it may not offer any comfort knowing that many business people share the feeling of not having “enough time,” there are indeed a few easy tips that can help to effectively deal with work-life balance issues, including:

Maintain control over your technology and be disciplined about when/where you use it

Many of us find ourselves tethered to technology during the workday. We have our Outlook inboxes on-screen, cell phones at our hips, and in some cases television or other visual media running in the background. All of these allow us to “feel connected” when its needed most. To properly balance work and life, it is critical that we disconnect for the parts of the day during which we are engaged in activities with friends and family. Checking email and texts or scrolling through social media will continually sabotage your opportunities to develop and maintain strong personal relationships and to have meaningful, face-to-face interactions. Make it a point to shut off your phone, put it in silent mode and don’t keep it on you lap so your family and friends see that you are distracted – during mealtimes and the hours you spend with us.  That is just plain rude!

Schedule “me” time

Most working professionals juggle a busy calendar both in and out of the office, and they often neglect to schedule time to spend on themselves. Our many work and family commitments leave little opportunity to enjoy personal hobbies and other pleasurable alone time recreation, the “me” time. These activities will become easier to accomplish, and are less likely to be overlooked, if you block out time on your calendar. Hold yourself accountable for scheduling and keeping the “appointment” with yourself.

Make time for vacations

Many business people find that taking a vacation, if only for a few days, is difficult to schedule, and consequently they continue to work even when their stamina and personal wellbeing is at risk. There is enormous benefit to taking time away from the office, not the least of which is that you will return feeling a sense of renewed energy and enthusiasm and a much clearer perspective on what needs to be accomplished. While it may seem difficult to arrange, a vacation is one of the best ways to decompress and establish much-needed equilibrium in your life.

Burnout is not an option! To be successful long-term, you have no choice but to figure out how to maintain a manageable work-life balance and to effectively integrate the two. What works for one person may not work for you. Take time to assess your situation and begin the action steps to balance out your days.


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By admin February 28, 2019