Another Year Gone

Another Year Gone

How does 2017 stack up against last year 2016?  We thought 2016 was a bad year; we lost Gene Wilder, David Bowie, Prince and many more, there was an election plagued by innuendos and Russian influence, safety and cleanliness standards no longer applied for the summer games and these are just a few of the issues.

Unfortunately 2017 wasn’t much better. Fear has been the most prevalent emotion of 2017; look at the mass shootings at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, the hate crimes in Chicago, the Las Vegas mass shooting and here in New York, the mowing down of pedestrians.  I personally am tired of listening to the news and scared for our Nation!

Positive Things That Happened in 2017

  • A notable scientific advancement in the treatment for ALS has been made in 2017
  • Canada has passed a Bill that bans airlines from removing passengers from overbooked flights
  • In February, tons of New Yorkers scrubbed graffiti off of subway cars
  • A Colorado woman won $3.3 million in the lottery the same week she quit her job
  • A 98-year-old woman has written almost 7,000 letters to men and women servicing in the armed forces
  • A homeless man who helped young survivors of the Manchester attack was given a home

Celebrate the Lives Lost in 2017

Each of us celebrates our friends, family and loved one differently, but I want to share my thoughts on some folks we lost this year and how much they meant to me growing up.

  • Mary Tyler Moore – TV & Film Icon & Legend – made me laugh even if I was down; one of my first female role models!
  • Robert Guillaume – An amazing Stage & Screen actor & singer – As Benson I split my sides laughing.
  • Glen Campbell – He will always be the Rhinestone Cowboy – he and Johnny Cash were my first favorites in Country Music.
  • Bill Paxton – Film Star & filmmaker – Gone too soon but left a legacy of movies that I loved including Aliens, Titanic, Twister and Apollo 13. I must have seen Twister and Titanic at least 6 times each.
  • Jim Nabors – Actor & Singer – Whether he was on Andy Griffith or played Gomer Pyle, this funny man never ceased to amaze me. While playing a country bumpkin, no one ever realized that he had an incredible baritone voice. If you’ve never heard him sing, click the link below:
    Jim Nabors sings – The Impossible Dream

Other notable names we lost in 2017 include: Terry Glenn (former NFL Wide Receiver), Liz Smith (Gossip Columnist), Monty Hall (Let’s Make a Deal), Jake LaMotta (former Middleweight Champion “Raging Bull”), Edith Windsor (who brought a Supreme Court case that struck down parts of a federal law that banned same-sex marriage), Jerry Lewis (Comedy Legend), Spencer Johnson (the author of my favorite book – “Who Moved My Cheese?”) and so many more.

Celebrate the Holidays

I have so much to be thankful for in my life.  I have a wonderful husband, a house full of incredible little felines, remarkable business colleagues and clients (so many have become good friends) and amazing friends and family. During this holiday season, I wish all of you love, happiness and health. Remember during this season and always, hug and kiss the people you love and equally as important, tell them you love them! As we know tomorrow holds no promises.

Happy Holidays!

By admin December 18, 2017