How We Work

Our process is comprehensive, yet noninvasive to you and your staff. The end result of our work together is a “tool” that can ensure that your current employees are working productively and helps decrease training time for new employees. Here’s what you can expect.


An initial introductory phone conversation will determine your issues, after which we schedule a face to face meeting. Our initial meeting is to help us understand your company, your challenge, your process, staff and your expectations of the engagement. Our discussion may be focused on a staff member leaving, staff and process within a department of concern, or many staff and managers involved in processes. This is to determine if we are the right consultants to help you; we don’t want to waste your time or money.


In this phase we spend time with the staff who perform the tasks within the processes that we discussed in our initial meeting. We work to get familiar with the staff, their tasks, and the interaction of departments, which sets a tone for a working relationship. The purpose of this phase is to help us create the Scope of Work that will go into the Consulting Agreement with accuracy.


In our Consulting Agreement, we include our due diligence findings, making certain that we understood the challenge and the project complexities or simplicities. Next is the Scope of Work. If we are to create a Documentation Manual, we first craft a Table of Contents, outlining the sections and descriptions of contents. We also specify the staff needed to work on each section. If we are to create Process Workflows, we indicate the departments, processes and staff to work with. Our Consulting Agreement is completely comprehensive. We will show you how many hours, days, and weeks the project will take, while being non-invasive to your staff’s time. In this phase we also explain the full costs involved.


Upon your review and any discussions necessary, you’ll sign the document and we will begin. To keep your staff as productive as possible, we contact them to schedule their time. It must be convenient for them, as well as us!


As the process progresses, we present drafts to the staff, managers, and you. This allows all of us to be on the same page. We don’t believe in surprises! We continue to have conversations during the engagement, to gauge your comfort level with the progress of the engagement, to suggest changes, and to share some of the helpful information that we collect from your staff.


We have been told by many clients that we become part of the “family.” The daily interaction with your staff creates trust and confidence. That is the basis of Unique Business Solutions’ success – for you and our other clients.