About Gail Trugman-Nikol

Gail Trugman-Nikol has had a unique business background, enjoying three successful careers. She started in advertising – buying radio and TV time, selling TV programs to TV stations, selling spots on TV to ad agencies, and then as General Sales Manager at WMKW-TV in Memphis, TN.

After meeting her husband Peter, who is her best friend, confidant, and support, Gail focused her sights on an industry that was in its infancy – PC training. In 1988 GLTN Computer Consultants was born and Gail grew the company to two offices with 20 staff and 800 clients including NSHS and Adecco. She successfully sold the company in 1997 and stayed in the industry until 2002.

At that time, she worked with companies to improve their processes and then document the processes so that the company could consistently replicate the work, improve quality, safeguard organizational knowledge, and positively affect the company’s bottom line. Seeing the need for these services, in 2005 Gail established Unique Business Solutions, a business consulting firm.


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Gail quickly became a trusted advisor to her clients. She provides companies with the satisfaction and security of knowing that key business processes are well understood, documented, and safeguarded from events that could have a damaging impact on the business.

According to Gail, “The cost of losing a key employee is measured not just monetarily, but by the disruption it represents to the business workflow.”
Unique Business Solutions has enjoyed success ever since.

Gail has served as a board member of the Long Island chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants for 11 years and has spoken at its Annual Conferences, to rave reviews from the participants. She has lectured nationally and locally, to various groups including Vistage International, NAWBO, the New York State Society of CPAs (NYSSCPA), and the GFOA. In 2013 she received the Vistage Speaker designation. Gail also is a published writer, with articles in The Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, The New York Enterprise Report, and other publications.

In May 2013 Gail was honored with the LI Center for Business Professional Women’s Long Island Achievers Award.

Gail can be reached at (516) 935-5641 or info@UBSAssociates.com.

Our Team

Getting to the heart of the matter and then pulling it all together takes a focused team of professionals.  The makeup of our team varies depending on the specialization of the client and the nature of the task at hand.  Our core team consists of Gail Nikol, a transcriber and at least one dedicated writer.  Our team scales to fit the demands of the project, so no matter how complex the assignment is, we can accommodate our clients.