Why Leadership and Management Are Both Required

Why Leadership and Management Are Both Required

In today’s fast paced, hypercompetitive business world, companies must rely on a careful balance of Leadership and Management. You may ask, “What is the difference?” A manager leads and a leader manages, right? Wrong.

Leaders and Managers have vastly different intrinsic skillsets, and for a variety of reasons it can be difficult, if not totally impossible, to turn a good Leader into an effective Manager and vice versa. More so, having one at the expense of the other will ultimately have negative consequence, including the reduction of a company’s market share, profitability, and perhaps even long-term sustainability.

So what is the difference between Leaders and Managers? And why are they both required?

  • Leaders have a “big picture” perspective; Managers focus on immediate needs and the tactics required for execution. It is important to have a person (or group of people) who, from a leadership standpoint, can see the forest for the trees, as it were. It is equally important to have a person (or group of people) who are interested in the process towards a goal and achieving success through doing.
  • Leaders “push the envelope” and engage in “out of the box” creative thinking; Managers are more pragmatic and ask, “How can we get this to work?” Similar the previous point, leadership can involve innovation on a grand scale and the foresight to change methodologies when needed. Management requires a focus on a plan or course of action and the people carrying it out.
  • Leaders are less concerned with how something will work than the overall concept; Managers are detail oriented and create systems for successful implementation of the concept. Again, an effective leader has a vision and enterprise: think of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick, or Estee Lauder. A manager, on the other hand, is better able to work within the parameters of their project and the human resources available.
  • Good Leaders inspire with their originality. Good Managers follow their lead and focus on “how” and “when.”

Sure, they may be different, but in no way does it benefit to have one over the other. It is in the best interest of any company or organization to find talented, committed persons who can play the role for which they are best suited.

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By admin May 9, 2017